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Crea tu curriculum online de manera fácil y gratis

Create your online curriculum easily and for free Create your résumé quickly and easily at We have prepared a special creation tool of curriculums vitae online for you. The online curriculum is an excellent tool to make your curriculum stand out and to make you see it in a more effective way. In addition, attending to new trends, and as, increasingly, companies look for their candidates online, to have a web resume that has your most up-to-date information is an excellent tool in which to invest time. So that you can create an online curriculum that is effective we will see below, several fundamental aspects of the development of this type of CV. What is a curriculum vitae? Before starting to tell you all the steps or recommendations that need to be followed before making your own curriculum vitae, it is necessary to explain what this term is used more and more by all people looking for employment around the world. Let's start by saying that it is a document that summarizes basic information oriented to job search such as: academic, training and professional data of those looking for work. All this with the purpose that the employer can evaluate all the traits or characteristics of the applicant and compare it with the others who also record their curriculum vitae. The importance of making a good curriculum vitae is that this will be the document that represents you professionally before an employer.

¿Qué partes forman un buen curriculum?

To help you, we will provide you a short list with the data you should include in your curriculum, in order for it to be as complete as possible and, this way, leave an excellent impression on the recruiter. ¡Let's see!

Personal Information

This is the first subtitle within any curriculum vitae, since that is how you start by identifying yourself, making clear who you are, what your identification and contact data are, as well as your level of instruction and other aspects of interest that the employer will need to evaluate. Here we will leave a list of the points that, obligatorily, you have to include within this subtitle: Full name and surname Date of birth and age Exact and complete address Contact telephone number (main and an alternative one in case you can not be in the first one) Email and website (if you have one) Degree of academic training Nationality, place of birth or marital status, are some of the data requested in a certain type of curriculum vitae. Everything will depend on the job you are applying for and the requirements that they ask for in the company or organization where you will consign this document. Try to inform yourself correctly about this to avoid any type of failure or emptiness in your curriculum.

Academic background

Within this second subtitle of your curriculum vitae, and as its name says, you must include the most relevant and pertinent information about your academic background, as well as any other additional data that is important for the job you want to opt for. Remember that you must start in chronological order all the stages of study, starting with the most recent one until you finish with the oldest one. But do not stretch too much and follow this specific list on what data to put in this section: Name of the studies (for example: basic, secondary, superior, etc.) Start date and end date, as well as the name of the institution where you attended that stage of study In some cases, if necessary and required, you must place the qualification obtained in each of your stages of study. But only when it is mandatory to do so, since it is usually not required. In some types of curriculum vitae, when you have completed higher education, it is not necessary to place those of lower rank, such as secondary or basic, since it is evident that you have completed all of them to complete the upper cycle. In the same way everything will depend on your curriculum, your requirements and the company or organization to which you are opting.

Work and proffesional experience

This segment of the curriculum vitae is very important because in it, it will be necessary to capture all those work experiences that will serve to position you as a good or bad candidate for employment. In general, companies or organizations are fixed and highly valued this section, so if you prefer, you can place before the academic experience, in order to be fixed first in all your previous work. For each experience in the list, you will have to specify the following data: Functions developed during the entire time you did it Charge exercised during the experience Short description about the company or organization where you were, where you will have to specify: Type of activity, sector where it is developed, among others Company name Start and end date of when you were in this work experience Some contact data with the company that can be used to compare all the previous information, usually it will be enough with the telephone numbers. This will depend on whether you want to do it or not, since it is not strictly necessary or mandatory in the data that you have to include within a curriculum vitae.

Tool to create an online curriculum

If you do not have a great layout management and want to develop your online curriculum, the tool of will be of great help. In addition to being able to do it yourself, there are many simpler options if computer science is not your thing, or if you consider that you want a more professional design. Therefore, we show you the best tool to develop your online resume, do not hesitate and create a CV. This is one of the most recommended web tools for curriculum vitae and any other type of graphic document of that nature. The truth is that we love it and we recommend it 100% since it is as much for the inexperienced as for those who dominate a bit more the world of technology. You can start your CV from scratch, or take some templates that are already predetermined to just put your data. Do not you think it's fantastic? You will be surprised with how easy and simple it can be to do your CV on this page. Try it and tell us what you think about it. You have a large number of templates available in it so you should not try them. The best thing is that you can download it in the format that you prefer, either in a Word document or in PDF format, and that's it. You will have your document to share and show it. Thanks to the tool to create your online CV, you will have no excuse for your presentation document is more than excellent. Remember to try all of the applications of the tool so that you stay with the one that is most comfortable for you, so you can work with care and the final result is impressive.